Celebrating Diversity in Community Woodlands in Scotland

The BSS field project on community woodlands in Scotland has culminated in a 60-page, illustrated report, published by the Botanical Society this summer (Sumner & Harvie, 2011). This report is intended for a popular readership, including woodland groups and anyone interested in plants and the woodland habitat. The report begins with introductory sections describing the background to the project, the aims of the study and the survey methods used. These sections are followed by an overview of the woodland sample. Then each of the 15 community woodlands studied during the project is briefly described in terms of structure and floristic composition and illustrated with a photograph. The location of each woodland is shown by means of a sketch map and an OS grid reference. Some of the vascular plants found are illustrated with line drawings. The woodland management groups were given a chance to contribute to the report by providing an update on their woodland if they wished, and the updates reveal their enthusiasm, their plans for the future and their resilience in the face of adversity. The final sections of the report summarise the findings and make suggestions for the future. Books and websites which may be of interest are listed. Faunistic records and a few records of bryophytes, lichens and fungi are summarised in an Appendix. The full reference for the report is given below.

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Sumner, B.E.H. and Harvie, B.A. (2011) Celebrating Diversity in Community Woodlands in Scotland. Published by the Botanical Society of Scotland, Edinburgh. ISBN 978-0-903077-07-1

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