Botanical Society of Scotland Student Prize

Each year the Botanical Society of Scotland awards a prize to the final year student of a Scottish University who submits the best dissertation on a botanical investigation carried out during the course of their final year.

The rules governing the award of this annual prize are as follows:

1. The competition is open to undergraduate students in the final year of their degree course who have been recommended by their Course Director.

2. Only one submission may be made from each degree course. The submission should be made by the student's Academic Supervisor or a member of the Examination Board.

3. The prize will consist of a certificate and £200. It will be presented at a meeting of the Botanical Society of Scotland.

4. The dissertation should be of an investigation of vascular, or non-vascular plants, algae, fungi or lichens carried out as a research project in part fulfilment of the requirements for the author's degree. Topics may include plant ecology and resource management.

5. The dissertation should be submitted to BSS after it has been assessed by the student's institution and the student's degree results have been announced. It must be received by 1st July of the current year.

6. The dissertation must be accompanied by a note from the student's academic supervisor stating the proportion of the student's course time allocated to the project and indicating the degree of assistance given for the project's completion.

7. A summary of not more than 200 words outlining the content and main findings of the work should accompany the submission. This summary will normally be published in the Society's Newsletter.

8. The student should provide an email address which will be valid until the end of the year in which the submission is made.

9. The decision of the adjudicating committee will be announced by 31st October. An award will be made only if a treatise of sufficient merit is received.

Notification of a submission should be emailed to the General Secretary who will provide an email address to which the documents should be sent.

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