The Botanical Society of Scotland has two types of membership, Standard and Basic.

All members receive by post the BSS News (twice yearly), lecture and field programmes, details of all the Society's events and access to the members' area of this website.

Standard rate members also receive by post the Society's scientific journal Plant Ecology & Diversity. Standard members can also go online and download all the Society's journals, from papers which have just been accepted for publication in Plant Ecology & Diversity, all the way back to the first issue of Transactions of the Botanical Society of Edinburgh published in 1844.

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students can claim reduced rates for both Standard and Basic membership. Those applying for, or renewing, student membership are asked to indicate their place and year of study and may be asked for proof of their academic status.

All members of the Botanical Society of Scotland may visit and use the reference facilities at Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. The library and herbarium are immensely valuable resources. Please contact them in advance of your visit.

Note to existing members, in order to create an account for you we need a valid e-mail address. We have created accounts for all members who have provided us with an e-mail address and sent details to them. If you are a member of the Society and have lost you password there is a crib sheet on how to reset it here, if you have not received an e-mail from us with your account details or have lost the details please contact the Web Site Administrator.

Subscriptions become due on 1st October each year.

Memberships can be purchased safely online using a credit or debit card: see the form below. If you are an existing member, you can also renew you membership using the form below, just make sure you are logged in to this website or your payment will be treated as a new membership.

If you prefer to pay by Banker's Order, please download the form at the bottom of this page.

Standard Rate £40.00
Standard Rate (Student) £30.00
Basic Rate £20.00
Basic (Student) £5.00
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