Code of conduct for field excursions.

Code Of Conduct For Field Excursions

All Participants Must Be Familiar With The Contents Of This Code.
(Copies available at the start of every field meeting.)

  1.  Persons attending BSS field meetings do so at their own risk.
  2. The excursion leader/organiser has the right to refuse participation to any member or guest whose behaviour or equipment are considered unsatisfactory.
  3. For certain meetings the leader will provide a register to record the names of all participants at the start of the meeting. This must be counter signed by each participant at the end of the meeting.
  4. For all meetings you are advised to use water and windproof clothing and appropriate footwear, and to carry adequate food and drink. In mountainous or remote country you are encouraged to carry a whistle, map and compass and be familiar with their use.
  5. At all times respect the property of the owners who grant access and allow us to conduct botanical explorations on their land. Follow the country code; avoid damage to delicate habitats.
  6. Observe the provisions of the Wildlife and Countryside Act. Apart from careful collection, for identification and research purposes, of cryptogams or phanerogamic specimens, refrain from damaging plants.
  7. Pay great attention to the hazards of the terrain, including potential dangers to others from dislodged stones on cliffs or screes.
  8. Never leave the main party without notifying the leader of your intention. Endeavour to stay in groups at all times.
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