Plant Life of Edinburgh and the Lothians

Plant Life of Edinburgh and the Lothians

Edited by P.M. Smith, R.O.D. Dixon and M.P. Cochrane

Published 2002 by Edinburgh University Press

ISBN 0 7486 1336 6 (Hardback) £27.99 (RRP)

The Lothians are rich in diversity, from the moist uplands of the south to the dry flat lands of the North-East. Habitats range from sea coast to moorland, from river and loch to meadow. In addition to this variety there is the impact of man as manifested by agriculture, urbanisation, industry, and now climate change. Plant Life of Edinburgh and the Lothians presents an up-to date account of this richness, and will provide an essential basis for comparison with the flora and vegetation of the future.

Based on a 25-year survey organised by the Botanical Society of Scotland, this is the most authoritative and extensive Flora of Edinburgh and the Lothians to be published since 1927. In addition to a complete flora of vascular plants in the three Lothians vice-counties the book includes:

  • specialist chapters on topics ranging from fungi to ferns, and from geology and climate to ethnobotany.
  • a discussion of land-use changes and ecological and phytogeographical indications from the survey.
  • a description of the survey and details of the methods used in the compilation of the flora.
  • 30 colour and b&w plates, nearly 400 distribution maps and other illustrations.

A Plant Life of the Lothians CD-ROM is available containing software to produce the species maps, to interrogate the Lothians database, and much else that could not be included in the book.

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