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Plant Ecology and Diversity

Plant Ecology and Diversity is listed in the SciVerse Scopus abstract and citation database and has been accepted for inclusion in Thomson Reuters Journal Citation Reports. The journal received its first Impact Factor in 2011 of 2.053. This ranks Plant Ecology and Diversity 57/187 in the Plant Science subject area, placing it in the 2nd Quartile. This is very good result for the first Impact Factor of the journal under its new title. (NB it had not previously been included in a citation database)

Plant Ecology and Diversity is an international journal and the forum of the Botanical Society of Scotland for communicating results and ideas in plant science. Published four times a year, it covers all areas of plant biology relating to ecology, evolution and diversity, including those which explicitly deal with today's highly topical themes, such as biodiversity, conservation and global change. Submissions concerning cold environments world-wide are particularly welcome. Plant Ecology and Diversity considers for publication original research articles, short communications, reviews, and scientific correspondence that explore thought provoking ideas. Unique to Plant Ecology and Diversity is its Scottish section, publishing contributions on aspects of botany and plant ecology particular to Scotland. The journal is open to reporting ‘negative results' and ‘repeat experiments' that test ecological theories experimentally, in theoretically flawless and methodologically sound papers. A guide for contributors to Plant Ecology and Diversity is given here.

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Plant Ecology and Diversity replaced the Botanical Journal of Scotland which was a continuation of the Transactions of the Botanical Society of Edinburgh, first published in 1844. Botanical Journal of Scotland and Transactions of the Botanical Society of Edinburgh contained many high-quality peer-reviewed Research Papers, Review Articles, Short Communications and Book Reviews, and some of the highlights of a century's output were reviewed and reproduced in the Botanical Journal of Scotland, Volume 58 (2). The full back catalogue can be accessed in electronic form. Standard rate members of the Society who have logged in have full on-line access from any of the links above.

BSS News

BSS News, published twice yearly in March and September, contains articles of topical and local interest, and is a means of keeping in touch with the Membership.

Other publications include:

Celebrating Diversity in Community Woodlands in Scotland (2011)

Celebrating Diversity in Community Woodlands in Scotland cover
This report can be purchased on-line here.

Plant Life of Edinburgh and the Lothians (2002).

Plant Life of Edinburgh and the Lothians CD-ROM.

Checklists of the Flowering Plants and Ferns of East Lothian, West Lothian and Midlothian.

John Anthony's Flora of Sutherland. Edited by J. Bernard Kenworthy (1976).

John Anthony's Flora of Sutherland cover
Now available online through the Internet Archive project.

A Map of the Flora of Mainland Inverness-shire.

Also in collaboration with the Botanical Society of the British Isles:

Plant Life of South West Asia.

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