How To Join In

First of all, if you are going to collect data, please register with us, using the "Urban Flora Registration" button on the left of this page, so that we can acknowledge your contribution and keep you informed about events and progress.

Then you need to register with iRecord.

For information about registering with iRecord and special instructions about how to add data for us, click the ‘Using iRecord’ button on the left of this page.

What if I don't want to use an online system?

Don't worry! We would prefer it if you could enter data online, but if you can't, please send your completed record sheets to the address which is provided on them.

Alternatively, please scan them and submit them using the "Send Data to BSS" menu button.

Before you start

You also need to be aware of safety in data collecting and the laws on land access and plant collecting, read about these at our ‘Resources’ pages.

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