Edinburgh Lecture: C4 rice - the agricultural Apollo challenge


Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh


Prof Jane Langdale FRS, University of Oxford


Thursday, 5 April, 2018 - 18:00

Predicted population increases mean that the area of rice production that fed 27 people in 2010 will have to feed 43 by 2050. GM technology creates the possibility to super charge photosynthesis in rice by introducing C4 biochemical pathways from unrelated maize. Professor Jane Langdale will review progress towards this goal, and explore how this revolution could increase yield under a smaller cultivated area, with lower inputs, and a less predictable water supply.

Jane Langdale is Professor of Plant Development in the Department of Plant Sciences at the University of Oxford. Her research focuses on understanding the genetic mechanisms that underpin how leaves develop and how they evolved. She is currently co-ordinator of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

This is the BSS/RBGE Edinburgh International Science Festival Lecture. To enable us to keep track on numbers for this event it would be helpful if you could book a free ticket at https://www.sciencefestival.co.uk/

BSS lectures are held jointly with the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh in their lecture theatre. Doors open at 17.30 and the lecture will commence promptly at 18.00h. Please note that tea will not be available at this event. All welcome.


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